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A Necklace Heart For Special Occasions

The heart shape and its romantic metaphor spans as far back as the Middle Ages. The earliest depiction of a heart symbol is from the 13th century—a man hands his heart to his beloved in an ancient manuscript. 

Today, expressions of love and affection are still associated with the heart symbol, but the way we express those feelings has changed significantly. For example, few lovers write sonnets for one another, but many romantic partners exchange gifts. A heart-shaped necklace is the perfect way to express affection. 

There are several heart-shaped styles to choose from, each with its own story, personal meaning, and unique beauty. 

Open Heart Necklace

The open-heart design is one that fits most special occasions and different types of love. The design of these pendants is inclusive, open, and popularly accepted as a universal symbol for hope and love. 

This design is ideal for special occasions that celebrate all kinds of love, including romantic, family, and friendship. 

Double Heart Necklace

Interlinking hearts are a popular design scheme for romantic love or intimate bonds. This design represents a special bond (romantic or otherwise), depicted by two hearts that can’t be separated. 

A double heart design is perfect for intimate gift exchanges, or any occasion you wish to express an eternal bond. 

Infinity Heart Necklace

Infinity jewelry has been popular for years. Although the infinity symbol holds different meanings across time and cultures, infinity heart jewelry evokes a sense of unity, togetherness, and everlasting love. 

This design style is dynamic, and can take on different meanings depending on the relationship and nature of the occasion. 

There are no hard rules when it comes to love and how to express it. With every gifting experience, each heart-shaped necklace offers its own unique story. Perhaps this is why so many people choose a heart necklace for special occasions.

 To find the perfect heart necklace for your next special occasion, just follow your heart.


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