How to Fix Metal and Vinyl Types of Siding

You already know how to prepare for a kitchen remodel and plan your budget. Now let’s move on to practice.

Repairing a vinyl siding

Vinyl is a strong material; however, it is still possible to damage it. Usually, it is caused by some negative influence, for example, cold weather, or heat. In order to repair it, you need to patch the cracks by means of a certain piece’s removal, cleaning it using PVC primer, then gluing a patch siding scrap from behind using PVC cement.

In case the damaged area is large, it is recommended to replace the whole piece. It is not too complicated, as it is quite easy to install new pieces. Nevertheless, there appears to be some fade of vinyl with time; thus, the repairedmay not have an appropriate color.

Damaged part removal is not difficult as every vinyl course is usually locked into the one under or next to it. The siding material is nailed by a flange molded into the course’s top. In order to do it, it is necessary to have a simple zip tool with the purpose to unlock the parts. You need to put the tool below the lower siding side and move it so that the pieces are unlocked. In case you need to do it with the vertical parts, you have to move the tool down.

How to Restore Aluminum Siding?

The siding of aluminum is characterized by the profound resistance to the weather and it is not difficult to maintain it; however, some objects (e.g. ball or hail) may cause damage to it. It is possible to patch insignificant damage. The procedure looks similar to the damaged car fender restoration. First, you need to pull out the dent, then you need to sand the space near it and use an auto-body two-part putty. Sometimes, it can be enough to apply auto-body filler, when the damage is insignificant. After it, wait until it is dry and then prime, sand and color it. In order to restore small damages to the surface, it is recommended to apply steel wool. You need to know the siding’s color and manufacturer, as it is possible to buy a special kit (manufactured by the same company) for it.

Sometimes you need to replace the parts that are damaged more significantly, but you need to try two other ways of repairing first, as there are two reasons for doing it. One reason is that aluminum is much less flexible compared to vinyl and weaving a piece of it into the wall is complicated. The second reason is that it may be difficult to find pieces for replacement suitable for the existing siding. In case the damage appears in a conspicuous area, it may be useful to think about removing it and taking material from the other area of the building, and replacing that damaged place with the suitable one.

How to repair vinyl?

In order to repair vinyl you have to use metal snips, zip tool, hammer, wedges, set of nails, knife, pry bar, and vinyl for replacement.

  1. [image]1 Apply a zip tool with the purpose to reveal siding over the piece to be restored. Pry and move it around the edge to pick it up. Install wedges below the siding course in order to keep it aside while you are repairing the piece below it.

  1. [image]2 Take out nails over the section being repaired. If required, fixthe area using the scrap or tape under the flat bar.

  1. [image]3 Then the damaged area has to be cut out using a razor knife or snips. Be careful and do not cut the siding as well as the locking edge near it.

  1. [image]4 Make a section for replacement a little bigger than the repaired area to make a small overlap on both sides.
  1. [image]5 Fix the replacement part with the help of a set of nails in order to reach below the above course. Relock the sides with a zip tool.

How to repair aluminum?

In order to repair aluminum you have to use drill, sanding block, screws for sheet-metal, pliers, screwdriver, knife for drywall, emery cloth, putty for auto-body, spray paint for exterior work, metal primer

  1. [image]6 Make one or several holes at the dent’s center. Pull a screw only into the siding. Push the screw so that it pops out the indention.

  1. [image]7 Take the screws away, use sandpaper to clean the piece, prepare two-part filler for auto-body and apply it to the repaired area.
  1. [image]8 When the material gets dry, sand the surface and apply a primer for painting. Once it dries, use two layers of finish spray paint so that it suits the siding.

How to paint aluminum?

In order to paint aluminum you have to use a caulking gun bucket, wool pad with steel, 4-in., paint brush, primer for caulk metal, paint for exterior work, water and mild detergent.

  1. [image]9 In order to achieve strong adhesion take the wool of steel and smooth the surface. Then wash it with the water mixed with mild detergent.
  1. [image]10 Seal each hole of the siding. Apply a flexible sealer that can resist shifting of the material.×300.jpg

  1. [image]11 Seal all the smaller openings. Do not forget to cover the screws or nails’ heads that were used for restoring before painting.

  1. [image]12 Seal the doors and windows seams where the leaking may occur, in the place where v-channel trim borders on the wooden carcass.

  1. [image]13 When you are ready with the preparation of aluminum siding, work with it similar as with all the walls. Apply oil-base or latex acrylic dye.
  1. [image]14 In order to hide the repainting work, cut it around with care and color the aluminum finishing and the siding.

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