How to organize space in the garage?

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Why do we need a garage and what are the difficulties in arranging it?

Almost every homeowner has a garage at his disposal. This room is an integral part of many houses. Of course, a garage cannot compete in value or functionality with rooms such as a kitchen, bedroom, or bath, but a garage is inherently a versatile space and its use and purpose largely depends on the creativity and imagination of its homeowner.

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The purpose of the garage

So why do you need a garage? You will not cook food there, you will not sleep there or wash yourself. There are other rooms in your house for such purposes. In the most basic version, the garage is used to store the car. But many homeowners use the garage as a warehouse besides the vehicle and store absolutely everything there, from old things to garden tools and an electric generator. Someone can equip a real men’s lair in the garage, and some homeowners turn the garage into a workshop in which they spend their free time doing their favorite hobbies and hobbies.

When the garage becomes a headache

But, still, most homeowners use the garage as an ordinary warehouse and many do not even store cars in it. And at this stage, not the most pleasant problems begin to arise for homeowners. Over time, this room from a warehouse turns into a dump of unnecessary things and rubbish.

A huge number of boxes with incomprehensible things that are constantly lying under your feet, and the far corner is so littered with things that you can’t even go there. And it already turns out that at best you only functionally use 20-30% of the space of your garage, and most of the room is simply occupied by unnecessary things that you simply have no time to disassemble.

Therefore, in this article we will consider the issue of organizing the space of your garage, thanks to which you can use this room as efficiently as possible and organize in your garage not only a convenient warehouse where all things will always be at hand, but also an excellent workshop. But, before moving on to zoning and arranging a garage, you should pay attention to the interior decoration of this room. Do not forget that you will use tools in the garage that have an increased fire hazard, and combustible substances can be stored in the garage.

If you are thinking about improving your garage, then do not forget about this important nuance. If you have such an opportunity, then use refractory, wear-resistant and durable materials for the interior of the garage.


Zoning is the first step in organizing your garage space. Regardless of the size and structure of the room itself, thanks to zoning, you can effectively place everything even in the smallest room. But without proper zoning, even a really large room can be made absolutely useless. In order to carry out the correct zoning, you need to arm yourself with a pencil and paper and highlight the main work areas and areas for storing necessary things. After that, you will only need to fill these areas according to your needs, and you can really be surprised how convenient even the smallest garage can be. Let’s take a closer look at the possible zones, thanks to which you can organize the space in your garage.

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Walk-through zone

As the name implies, the walk-through zone exists so that you can easily get to any other zone. Therefore, this zone should be free absolutely always, this is the main rule. No boxes or racks, don’t even think about it. The maximum you can place in this area is a wall-mounted coat rack where you can store your gardening clothes, raincoat or jacket. That’s all.

Easy access zone

The easy access zone is designed to accommodate and store various things and little things that you use every day. Usually this zone can be located right next to the entrance to the garage, but it should not block the passage. In this area, you can place a small vertical shelving unit where you can, for example, place pet food, cleaning products or your favorite small garden tools.

If you like to buy products in the store for the week ahead, then it will be convenient for you to store these products in this zone. It’s actually very convenient. On the shelving in the easy access area, you can also place items that need to be replaced regularly – such as toilet paper, solid or liquid soap, tissues and paper towels.

Everyday items

Area for long objects

This zone is designed to store a variety of equipment and tools that differ in their length – these are a variety of shovels, including those for snow removal, rakes, brooms and other tools that have a long handle. By collecting them all in one place in a convenient container, you can significantly save space in your garage, and these items will no longer interfere with you and get in your way. In addition, you will always know exactly where to look for the necessary tool.

Instead of doing it in a hurry, going through the whole garage in an attempt to find exactly the shovel or rake that you need right now, but you don’t remember where they are, because the last time you used them was six months ago.

By the way, if you are fond of fishing, then your fishing rods will also be conveniently folded in this area. For this zone, a narrow box about one meter high is ideal. For convenience, you can also install holders or clamps for each item, but this is not at all necessary.

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Place for big things

The winner of the competition to turn the garage into a dump, of course, are large items. First of all, this is seasonal and tourist equipment, such as a tent, a sleeping bag, a ski suit, as well as decor for holidays and other things.

All these things are quite cumbersome, inconvenient and are used, frankly, quite infrequently. The most popular and effective solution for storing them is hanging boxes that are mounted under the ceiling. Thus, large things will no longer interfere with the use of the remaining space with the greatest convenience.

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If you do not have the opportunity to use the ceiling to accommodate large items, perhaps your walls are not so high, then in this case you need to be guided by the following principle – the less often you use a thing, the more distant its location should be. Find the farthest corner in your garage and place all the bulky and seasonal items there.


The workplace is quite an important area in your garage. Even if you do not have a hobby that requires a workplace, this area will be very convenient to use for a variety of small repairs that, sooner or later, every homeowner faces. But if you like gardening, crafting different items from wood, or like to do radio electronics, then a comfortable workplace is a must for you. In fact, the main element in this zone is the table.

Garage hanging table

If you have a not too big garage, then the best option for you would be a hanging table that you can lay out at the right time and fold when you are not using it. Thus, you can use the space quite productively and save space in your garage.

Storage methods

After you have zoned and roughly distributed the space in your garage, the moment has finally come when you can fill it with a variety of storage items. Now there are really many different options, cabinets, racks and shelves that you will use to store things. We will consider the most basic options for such elements and pay attention to different ways of storage.

Open shelves

Let’s say right away that open shelves are likely to become your main tool for storing your favorite things. You can find these shelves in almost any hardware store at very good prices. Due to the fact that the shelves are open, you can always see what is on them.

Garage open shelves
DIY open garage shelves

And it is as simple and convenient as possible. These shelves are really versatile and suitable for storing things of different sizes. If you prefer to store things in boxes, then we suggest you use labels, this is very predictable advice, but often people do not use labels and have to spend a lot of time looking for the right things at the most inopportune moment.

Small items – screws, bolts, etc.

A variety of small items can always cause a lot of trouble if not properly stored. Screws, bolts and cogs, nails and many other little things that are usually stored in the garage can simply be thrown into one box. But this storage option is unlikely to be very different in convenience.

In fact, there are better ways to store these little things. Hanging banks deserve special attention. In my opinion, everyone in the house can find such plastic jars with a screw-on lid.

Store bolts, nails and other small items

Make the most of open shelves. From the underside of the shelf, fix the lid of such a jar in any convenient way, fill the jar with nails, bolts or screws and tighten it. This method will allow you to open the jar with one hand, as well as significantly save space on the rack itself for larger or more important items.

In addition to cans, you can also use plastic bottles, it is also quite convenient, but you should correctly assess the available space between the shelves of the rack, otherwise you risk getting a completely opposite result. Also, in any building supermarket you can find special plastic containers if you have no desire to come up with something similar yourself.

Perforated panels

Perforated panels are a separate art form in the tool storage category. It is best to place such a panel directly above the workplace. This panel is versatile in its organization and is best suited for storing small to medium sized tools.

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On such a panel, you can easily place everything from a hammer and all types of screwdrivers, wrenches and ending with a perforator. Thanks to this storage method, all your tools will always be at your fingertips, and you will not have to spend a lot of time looking for them. One of the methods to modernize and improve the perforated panel is magnetic stripes.

On magnetic strips you can install the most popular small tool. This method will add maximum convenience when using your tools. Thanks to the perforated panel, you no longer need to keep your tools in a drawer – everything you need is always at your fingertips.

Magnetic strips


As you can already understand, there are many ways to turn your garage from a dump of unnecessary things into a convenient and pleasant place where everything will lie in its place. Use zoning and you can make the most of your garage space, even if it’s not too big. You do not have to follow the zoning plan that we have described in this article. Perhaps you want to store your car in a garage, then you need to zone it in a different way. Or you have a small storage area in your garden for shovels, rakes and other garden tools, then you don’t need an area for long items. In this case, you can use zoning according to your needs and wishes.

Regarding storage methods, we have shown the most popular ones. But you can always rely on your imagination and creativity in this matter. Often the simplest, most handy things that you use in everyday life can open up a whole new and interesting side to you. It is worth noting that you absolutely should not worry and be afraid to experiment. Ultimately, you are organizing your garage space, not designing an intergalactic spacecraft that is supposed to save humanity. Put in a little effort, use your imagination, and you can get an excellent result that your neighbors will surely envy.

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