Kilowatts from the Ocean


Sea Wave Energy Limited Company (SWEL), which for more than 10 years works on the technology of energy generation from the sea waves claims to be ready to generate ultra-cheap energy in large quantities. 

The device called the Wave Line Magnet looks like plastic rafts linked in long flexible tape, which stays on the surface along the movement of waves. While the whole tape fluctuates with the waves, the “ridges” stay relatively fixed, generating electricity. One of the most impressive features is that it was constructed to use sea water instead of oil.

Basically this device fundamentally becomes the wave itself and it looks as harmonic as the ocean. But if somebody staying on the beach with a glass of wine will complain that this device breaks the composition of nature, the Wave Line Magnet potentially can serve even remote areas, so there will be a lot of places in the world where nobody will see it except maybe technical stuff.

The impact of the device on flora and fauna is on the minimum level. Wave Line Magnet can be produced from recycled materials. Imagine that in the near future we will see a huge marine electric farms and it will look as usual as to see wind generators on the fields today.

The SWEL Company with headquarters on Cyprus and The Great Britain develops and tests Wave Line Magnet generators during several years. The device has been tested in different areas from special laboratories to real sea surface. Over 200 tests have been made. And now finally it seems to be ready for practical use. 

According to the inventor and CEO of the company one Wave Line Magnet device can have a capacity of 100 megawatts.  The promoters of the company claim that the best index of 1 kilowatt hour, generated by modern wave generators by today, is 80 euro cents.

But mass production allows achieving the cost of electricity less than 1 euro cent per kilowatt hour. In comparison, 1 kilowatt hour of electricity in Europe costs the population 15-30 euro cents, depending on the country and 16 dollar cents in the USA. So now SWEL is working in conjunction with different European energy authorities.  

Over 70% of Earth’s surface is covered by water, so it is time to start using it!

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