Materials for kitchen repair. How to choose them and not go crazy?

Sooner or later, during the renovation of the kitchen, you will definitely encounter the problem of choosing materials. And on the one hand, it may seem to some that this is a rather amusing and fun process. But for most homeowners, choosing all the necessary materials is a real challenge.

An incredible amount and variety of materials for literally every element of your kitchen, from the subfloor to finishing materials, can really drive you crazy. We will try to help you a little and understand this vast ocean of information. The most important thing in this matter, if you want to excel in the selection of materials and choose the best options with an acceptable price and quality, you need to be patient and consistently learn new information. Don’t be zealous, you won’t need to write a paper about metals for kitchen sinks or types of wood for cabinets. But you will have to dive into this information, at least superficially.

Most professional repairers and builders learn about suitable materials through trial and error. But the average homeowner is unlikely to be willing to redecorate the kitchen and home for that experience. But you can easily research questions about materials using the Internet or by chatting with acquaintances who have recently encountered repairs. I think that every person has such a friend. Below in this article we will look at several elements of the kitchen and the materials from which they are made.

Draft floor

The subfloor runs between the base and the finished topsheet, so it doesn’t have any effect on the look of your future kitchen, but it’s there to level the surface and serve as support and support for the beautiful top deck. Therefore, it is a rather important element at the stage of laying the floor. In most cases, the subfloor is not changed during repairs, but if it is damaged by water or worn out over time, it must be replaced. Subfloor materials are usually plywood, OSB or tongue-and-groove board.

How to choose the right material? It depends on two factors – what will be the top flooring and how many layers of subfloor you are going to lay. If you are going to use laminate or vinyl as the top layer, OSB is the better subfloor. And if the top coating is parquet, then it is better to use harder materials for the subfloor. If you intend to make only one subfloor layer, then you are better off using tongue-and-groove boards, but if there are two subfloor layers, then you can safely use cheaper CDX class plywood.

Vinyl covering

If you can’t decide what material to make your flooring from, then you should definitely turn your attention to vinyl flooring. They are distinguished by reliability, fairly simple installation and different patterns, which allows them to be used in the kitchen with almost any design. Vinyl flooring ranges from cheap, starting at $15-20 per square yard, to quite expensive, which can cost as much as $50 per square yard. Too cheap vinyl flooring options will not have the necessary flexibility, will break and you will have difficulty installing such panels. The most expensive option is also not worth choosing, as this will be an extra waste of your repair budget. To choose the best option with good quality and good price, you should pay attention to vinyl flooring with a price of $20-25 per square yard.

Cabinets and countertops

Cabinets, both basic and wall-mounted, are one of the main and most expensive elements of the kitchen. Choosing lockers is a real headache for homeowners. First, there are so many types of basic cabinets, ranging from cabinets with a base for a sink to cabinets with built-in waste containers. Secondly, these cabinets are made from a wide variety of materials. If you’re willing to spend a lot of money on a kitchen renovation, then you can afford cabinets that are made entirely of solid wood. But this solution is not very popular due to its cost, so most cabinets have a solid wood front, and all internal elements are made of composite materials, chipboard or plywood. When choosing cabinets with drawers, be sure to check how they slide out and whether they open comfortably.

The countertop is also an extremely important element in every kitchen. It is recommended to buy a countertop only after installing the main cabinets. Yes, it can slow down your repair, but this way you can definitely avoid the risk of ordering the wrong size countertop. The tabletop cannot be returned to the manufacturer, as, for example, other products if they do not suit you. A countertop doesn’t have to be expensive. Now you can find many options that are reliable, good quality and a variety of designs.

Lighting and fixtures

Fixtures and lighting – this is exactly the category of kitchen renovation elements in which you can get a good result without spending a lot of money. You should not buy the most expensive lamps, you simply will not notice the difference with products in the middle price category. Combine different lighting options such as track lighting, built-in lights and lighting under wall cabinets. Believe me, the kitchen should be light, hardly anyone likes to cook in the dark.

Kitchen sinks

Kitchen sinks also have the peculiarity of differing in their diversity, both in shapes and in the materials from which they are made. If you want your kitchen to look decent, then you don’t have to pay a lot of money for a cast iron enameled sink. You can easily find a decent sink with one or two bowls, which is made of stainless steel. And, believe me, such a sink will even look very good in your new kitchen. When choosing a stainless steel sink, you should pay attention to the thickness of the metal. The desire to save money and choosing a sink with insufficient thickness can play a trick on you. There are cases when, due to the insufficient thickness and strength of the metal, the garbage grinder literally pressed through and deformed the sink with its weight.


Windows can be quite tiring for homeowners in the selection process, as windows have a wide variety of features that can make it very easy to get confused. But we will try to help you. First of all, you should pay attention to energy efficiency, this is a very important indicator. Windows with a low energy efficiency rating will not retain heat or cold well, depending on the season. And in the end, this will increase your bills for maintaining a comfortable climate in the house. If you study the materials from which the windows are made, then basically it is metal, wood or vinyl. Metal windows are prone to fogging, wooden windows are well insulated and soundproof but require constant maintenance, while vinyl windows, on the contrary, do not need such care.


Choosing materials for a kitchen renovation may seem like a real hell, but trust me, if you take a little time and understand the new information, the result will definitely please you. You will know all the pros and cons of the materials used and therefore your kitchen will be able to serve you much longer.

If you have already passed this stage, then it’s time to take the next step.

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