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A pegboard is often used in the garage to store a variety of tools and equipment. It is versatile and very easy to change according to the requirements of the owner. But the pegboard itself is just a board with holes if you don’t have pegboard hooks. Almost all items that are located on the pegboard are stored on hooks.


We’ve looked at a lot of pegboard hooks and figured out some of the features you need to pay attention to if you don’t want your purchase to turn into a complete failure.

First of all, research your pegboard. Pegboards come in different sizes to accommodate hooks and other equipment. Therefore, find out exactly the size and type of your pegboard before buying hooks.

Forget kits that offer you 20 different types of hooks, containers and a bunch of other things. They look chic, you immediately imagine how to place all these useful things on your pegboard and you will be happy to put tools and stuff there. But, in most cases, you’ll just buy rubbish. These sets are usually extremely poor quality and you will be very lucky if you can use at least 30% of the items in this set.

If you’re going to store heavy items on your pegboard, then forget about the plastic hooks. Use metal, they will be able to withstand the required weight.

The next tip is going to be really unique. If you want to buy really high quality hooks for your pegboard, then don’t do it online. Go to your nearest hardware or hardware store and buy them there. You can touch them, make sure of the quality of welding if you decide to buy metal hooks, or check the hardness and reliability of the material if plastic hooks are more suitable for you. Since the price of pegboard hooks is really small, there is a very high chance that you will buy real and unnecessary garbage on the Internet.

TOP 1 we recommended

As usual, we’ve scoured a lot of products on Amazon to find the best product that will please you more than disappoint you.

Yes, above we advised you to buy a pegboard hook in a store and not on the Internet. But, you see, there is not always time, opportunity and especially the desire to go to the store, because it is much easier to place an order on the Internet. This product looks quite reliable, it has a normal price and good reviews.

Different types of pegboard hook

DIY manual for pegboard hooks

If you want to do power tool organizer by yourself, just follow this link.


We hope that our article helped you solve the problem you need. Thanks for reading!

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