Sketch as the beginning of the kitchen renovation

Sketch kitchen remodeling

It can be quite unequivocally said that a sketch is exactly what you should start your kitchen renovation with. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, then a sketch is the best expression of your ideas and desires. You don’t need to be an artist or an architect to sketch a simple sketch that will be the starting point for planning all your kitchen remodeling work.

You will need a pencil, graph paper, and a ruler to create a simple line drawing. When doing a simple kitchen renovation that is designed to improve the interior and functionality of the kitchen, and that doesn’t involve changing the structure of the building, a line drawing is all you need to get the job done. And you can easily create such a sketch even if you do not have special skills or artistic talent.

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But if you still doubt yourself and are afraid to make a mistake, or if your reconstruction is something more than a replacement sink and new furniture, then you can always turn to specialists. Hiring a professional architect or planner is not cheap, and such an expense can significantly limit your budget. Of course, if you are planning to demolish half the house and build a kitchen like in a TV show, and you have enough money for this, then it is better to turn to specialists already at the stage of creating a sketch.

It is at the stage of creating a sketch that you may encounter the fact that you do not have a complete picture of the future kitchen in your imagination. Perhaps you have some scattered ideas, like the color of new kitchen cabinets or built-in lighting, but you can not form an image of the future kitchen as a whole. And there is nothing wrong with that. You can turn to special magazines and books that contain plans, sample sketches, and ideas for kitchen interiors.

Where do you get inspiration and ideas?

As we wrote above, to search for ideas on renovating a kitchen, you can turn to special literature. Usually, there are no books or magazines where you can find only kitchen plans. Such materials include the whole house plan, but you will definitely find plans and sketches for kitchens there. There are a lot of such magazines and books, besides, you can make it even easier and look for plans of houses and kitchens on the Internet. You will be really surprised by the number of plans and sketches you will find.

Example of the simple plan

Having studied ready-made plans, it will be much easier for you to create your own. You can browse hundreds of ideas and choose the ones you like the most. Then, you can easily combine your chosen ideas and create your perfect sketch.

I have an idea, but what to do next?

And now the very moment has come when you are armed with ideas and are ready to create your own sketch. To make it easier for you, we advise you to get some tools first. Of course, you can do without them, but having them will make it much easier for you to create your drawing.

Here is a list of these tools:

  • Scale bar
  • Graph paper
  • Templates

The scale bar will help you maintain accuracy when sketching. Of course, you can get by with a regular ruler, but then maintaining the scale will be more laborious. With or without a scale bar, one thing to be aware of is that without scale, your sketch can be extremely disappointing. On your plan, you might have a large refrigerator, a bunch of kitchen appliances, and even a kitchen island in your new kitchen. But in reality, it turns out that due to the large refrigerator in the kitchen, you can only fit a new sink, and then with great difficulty.

Compliance with the scale is extremely important when creating a drawing of a future kitchen.

With graph paper, creating your sketch will be much easier than on a regular letter sheet. Such paper will allow you to draw clearer and more regular lines, and it will also be easier for you to keep track of maintaining scale.

If you want your sketch of the future kitchen to be indistinguishable from the work of a professional, then you should pay attention to the templates. Simple templates for windows, doors, appliances, cabinets, and sinks on the kitchen plan will allow you to easily and quickly create a beautiful drawing.

Since we live in an era of high technology, you can use special software that is now available for computers, tablets and even phones to create a sketch of a future kitchen. But despite the development of technology, many people still prefer plain paper and a simple pencil.

I can’t do anything! Where can I find help?

If you can’t create a drawing yourself or you just don’t want to do it, then there’s nothing wrong with that, especially if you are planning a grandiose remodeling and not a simple renovation. There are several options for solving the sketch problem.

Firstly, you can hire a professional architect or design company who will easily take into account all your wishes and prepare a professional drawing. It’s just a matter of money. If your budget allows such expenses and you do not want to suffer with a sketch on your own, then this solution is for you.

Secondly, many material suppliers and contractors who are engaged in repair and construction can make a drawing of the future kitchen for you for free or at a very low price. But before agreeing to such a service, you should check the cost of services and materials of such contractors, because behind a free drawing they can hide unfairly inflated prices for other types of work and materials.

I think I’m planning a big renovation

A kitchen overhaul is a little different from a regular interior renovation and minor renovation work. More complex and detailed drawings and sketches are needed here. Typically, a major renovation, such as extending a kitchen, may involve moving lights, outlets, and furniture, widening window openings, and even removing or building new walls. The more changes you plan to implement, the more detailed the plan and drawings need to be. This is due to the fact that your contractors, in the absence of well-designed drawings, may be guided by their own fantasies and ideas.

A more detailed plan for the redevelopment of the kitchen

You should also pay attention to building codes. For a major renovation that involves a lot of construction work, it’s still worth showing your own drawing and sketch to the professionals so they can make adjustments. This can especially apply to electrical wiring, the location of sockets, the placement of plumbing and pipes, as well as the width of doorways. Little things like this in terms of design and the overall picture of your new kitchen may not greatly affect your ideas, but can be a significant obstacle during the implementation of the project.


You are ready to pick up a pencil and put on paper all your ideas and dreams about a new kitchen. Do not be afraid to experiment, turn on your imagination and create. But you should be patient and persevering, because creating the perfect sketch is clearly not a matter of 10 minutes. But if you do not want to spend time on this, you can always turn to professional designers and architects. In any case, it is from the sketch that you will begin to create the kitchen of your dreams. Already? Then it’s time to move on to the next step.

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